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Prosperity Pharmacy Manassas realizes that skin wounds, such as pressure sores, are a common health concern. That’s why we offer custom compounding solutions to patients with hard-to-heal wounds.

Customized Creams, Ointments and Gels

Different wounds benefit from different treatments — some would be best healed by a cream, while others would be better treated by an ointment or gel.

Wound Care Protocol

Hard-to-heal wounds can be particularly prevalent in movement-impaired and/or elderly individuals and can form on any part of the body that bears weight for an extended amount of time. To heal these wounds, we offer two compounded medications that are applied topically:

  • The first is applied directly to the wound and covered with a bandage, encouraging tissue growth and preventing bacterial overgrowth.
  • The second is applied to the skin around the wound, increasing blood circulation.

Treating Skin Wounds

Prosperity Pharmacy Manassas offers custom-compounded medications that can be applied to the wound. These medications are designed to:

  • Stimulate new tissue growth
  • Reduce pain
  • Discourage bacterial overgrowth
  • Increase blood flow to wound areas

Many factors can contribute to the formation of these wounds, including diet, mobility and age. To determine the best treatment option for you, call or visit us today.

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Prosperity Pharmacy is an independently owned & operated compounding pharmacy in Manassas, Virginia. We pride ourselves on being customer and community driven and our staff works closely with your providers to provde the best care possible. We have serviced NOVA for over 10 yrs!

Prosperity Pharmacy is now PCAB accredited!

Prosperity Pharmacy is now PCAB accredited!

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